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"The support we have received from Friends of Puerto Rico have allowed Museo de Arte de Ponce by offering services to our community and impacting the lives of children, adults and the elderly. In addition, we have further developed educational programming around our temporary exhibitions so that both public and private schools that visited the museum could enjoy guided tour and artistic workshops including offering free admission during our Three Kings Day."

- Alejandra Peña, Executive Director, Museo de Arte de Ponce

Museo de Arte de Ponce (2015): The 3 Kings reunion in Washington, DC and renovation of the Museo de Arte de Ponce

Home to Sir Frederic Leighton’s iconic painting “Flaming June.” Friends of Puerto Rico hosted a fundraising reception for the Ponce Museum of Art to commemorate the reunion of the three paintings of the Three Magi by the Flemish master, Peter Paul Rubens. The famous artwork of King Gaspar travelled from the Museum of Art in Ponce to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC for a special exhibition that took place from March 17–July 5, 2015. Until this time, the three paintings had not been exhibited together for over a century. To celebrate this historic event, a reception was hosted at Washington, DC’s Burberry store to give national recognition to the Museo de Arte de Ponce. The reception raised $20,000 for the museum renovations and provided access to low-income children from “el “barrio”, La Cantera in Ponce.

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Puerto Rico Independent Musicians & Artists (PRIMA) Fund

PRIMA is a collective of musicians and artists on a mission to help sustain the independent music community in Puerto Rico. The PRIMA fund was established in October of 2017 to provide emergency aid to musicians and artists in Puerto Rico after the catastrophic impact of Hurricane Maria. In its first year, Friends of Puerto Rico and PRIMA provided $500 micro-grants to individual musicians and artists on the island who suffered economic hardship due to loss of employment, damaged equipment, cancelled shows, delayed projects and other detrimental effects brought on by the storm.

Coquí art class with El Museo del Barrio

Museum Educator, Valentín Concha-Nùñez, gave a history class of our beloved Coqui frog. Students from the public school of Segundo Pasto in Aibonito, learned, explored and drew the Coqui that is in the Cafè Ama bag.

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The Memory Project

The Memory Project is dedicated to promoting intercultural awareness, friendship, and kindness between children around the world through the universal language of art.  In Puerto Rico we partnered to develop the Portrait Program where high school art students create portraits as special gifts for Maria generation students with an Exchange where elementary and middle school students engage in positive citizen diplomacy by exchanging heartfelt artwork

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Dreaming Zebra art supplies for students

Lex Tirado designs a limited edition Holiday card featuring los The Three Kings in tropical colors with our traditional, coffee, pineapples and El Morro.

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The Inmalabra, artwork by Artist Antonio Martorell

The Inmalabra, artwork by Artist Antonio Martorell.The Inmalabra. The f, meant to portray ‘Friends of Puerto Rico’, but also a ‘Flamboyán’, thicketed with flowers that are also lowercase and cursive f’s. It is drawn upon a sky blue background, framed by a sepia field, giving off the illusion of distance. It’s as if our diaspora from Washington D.C. watched us through a telescope lens and celebrated our blooming ‘Flamboyán’ competing favorably against the cherry blossoms from the federal capital. This artwork was created exclusively for Friends of Puerto Rico.

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Innovative Education

"We are thankful because Friends heard us, came to visit and give us a hand with what was most needed: make possible that Montessori assistants, most of them mothers and fathers of the communities we serve, were able to continue working in our schools. This gesture not only provided economic stability in such a traumatic and uncertain moment, but it let us continue to render the best service to our children in moments where other aspects were non-existent. This has set the base for a special friendship between our communities in the island and the USA.  Friends of Puerto Rico is part of our family and we are grateful.”

- Ana María García, Founder of Instituto Nueva Escuela

8 scholars in partnership Kinesis Foundation and
Reach for Success

Sponsored eight students to gains skills and attend college from vulnerable communities of the northeast of Puerto Rico.The foundation helps Puerto Rican youth to overcome social boundaries, fulfilling their potential to achieve excellence at the highest academic levels. Kinesis fuels Puerto Rico’s social and economic transformation through providing college scholarships, bright start college access counseling, and high school counselor college access education.

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Books for public schools

Books are an instrumental tool for learning and improving literacy. We have been able to provide over $13,000 worth of books for public schools in Puerto Rico

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Youth learning

After school programs and meals provided by the Boys and Girls Club & Casa Juan Bosco are essential for youth to learn

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Instituto Nueva Escuela

Home to thirteen public Montesorri schools in Puerto Rico
SEEDS Youth entrepreneurship program parter for 100 students
150 teacher salaries paid
2 classrooms rebuilt
13 schools kept open
50 computers given for after school programs

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Seed funding for Entrepeneurs

Guayacan EnterPRize A business building competition and accelerator providing startups with access to workshops, mentoring, and access to equity-free seed capital since 2005.
Café Ama Youth Entrepreneurship project
Bakery story
Lemonade Day
85% of food is imported
Building a pathway out of poverty through entrepreneurship


An Innovative extracurricular entrepreneurship program that seeks to develop the entrepreneurial mindset in the youth of Puerto Rico.

Using the power of coffee we will provide the leading experiential learning program in Puerto Rico, allowing youth to tackle real-world business problems, engage in 1:1 mentorship, and exchange ideas with leaders in the business and entrepreneurial landscape on and off the island.

SEEDS will be a curriculum-based year-long program for public schools in Puerto Rico to begin on September 2019 with 100 students from five schools of Instituto Nueva Escuela in Aibonito, Vieques Island, Barranquitas, San Juan and Guaynabo.

Sales of our Café Ama support the SEEDS program.
Buy your coffee today: www.cafeama.com

Women seed funding with Grupo Guayacán

Friends of Puerto Rico (FOPR) has supported Guayacán as Partner of our Endowment Fund which ensures the long-term sustainability of our programs and initiatives. In addition to financial support, FOPR offers a broad network of individuals and organizations that share a common passion for supporting Puerto Rico, particularly as it continues its recovery after the devastating impact of Hurricane María. We are honored to have FOPR as one of our collaborators and look forward to strengthening our partnership in the future. Laura Cantero, Executive Director, Guayacán

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Montserrate Marrero

After Hurricane Maria, Monserrate’s kitchen was damaged beyond repair. Her livelihood was gone overnight. Fortunately, our partner nonprofit Ayúdame a Ayudar stepped in. Using a grant from Friends of Puerto Rico, they purchased a gas stove for Monserrate so she could start baking again and generate income for her family.

Lemonade Day Puerto Rico

Friends of Puerto Rico partnered with Centro Crece allowed for 700 students participate in a real life entrepreneurship program. Our  goal was to give children in the municipalities of Aguadilla, Ponce and Guayama the entrepreneurship tools for their future through a fun model a lemonade stand

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Smart Aid

1.5 million invested for Puerto Rico’s recovery raised
50,000+ people impacted
$400,000 in relief grants to community organizations
9 planes of life saving aid for humanitarian missions

Friends of Puerto Rico used technology to crowfund and crowdsource information to provide humanitarian aid. Weeks after Hurricane Maria, Six humanitarian missions (1,000,000 pounds of life-saving food, water, and medicines) were sent to provide relief to the thousands of families in Puerto Rico including thousands of hot meals to the Boys & Girls Club of Puerto Rico.

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Women and Girls

"We have been fortunate to partner with Friends of Puerto Rico in order to continue increasing our impact on women entrepreneurs in Puerto Rico. In 2018, FOPR sponsored  EnterPRize, our seed funding prize for start-ups competition. In this role, they provided seed capital, support and a series of communications and media opportunities for alba.enid, a local female-owned small business that specializes in resort and swimwear. We are honored to have Friends of Puerto Rico as one of our partners and look forward to strengthening our partnership in the future."

- Laura Cantero, Executive Director, Grupo Guayacan

AMIGAS is an influential network comprised of a global society of women that are Friends of Puerto Rico. The AMIGAS connect to mentor, foster and empower more women andgirls to become investors of the future of Puerto Rico's youth and reach their full economic potential. Since 2017, we have impacted: 750 women nationally

Christian Dior,2017
Phillips Collection, 2019
Grupo Guayacan, 2018
Southwest Airlines, 2017

Leadership Council
Mentorship program
Community platform + Events

The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal #5 recognizes the crucial role of gender equality and women’s empowerment as a driver of economic development progress.

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Investing Locally from Washington, DC

Friends of Puerto Rico is committed to Puerto Ricans on and off the island, including those here in our nation’s capital. In the Washington, D.C. area, Friends of Puerto Rico has organized mentorship programs for Hispanic youth, awarded scholarships to high-achieving low-income students, and provided evacuee recovery support for Puerto Ricans seeking refuge after Hurricane Maria.

Through local organizations demonstrated trailblazing thought leadership and impact within the DC community and in Puerto Rico pre and post Hurricane Maria. As Puerto Rico and the Caribbean rebuilds and recovers, Friends of Puerto Rico is advancing its impact to support the resilience of the Puerto Rican people and communities in Washington DC, Puerto Rico, and across the country.

Since the hurricane, Friends of Puerto Rico has not only worked on the front lines of disaster relief, but has also provided evacuee recovery for the many displaced families relocating in the DC area.

With a strong passion for providing educational opportunities, the organization has provided scholarships to low-income students, as well as mentoring for Hispanic youth living in the DC area.

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