Building Puerto Rico

Why now?

Widespread poverty and unemployment has been a problem that has affected Puerto Rico for years. Puerto Rican children are the poorest population in the United States with 56% living in poverty and 84% living in high poverty areas. These children, and their parents have limited access to opportunities for moving out of poverty.

We believe that by attracting investors through innovative financing such as leveraging opportunity zones and by integrating skills workforce development through innovation to the island, we can help create a prosperous Puerto Rico with infinite opportunities.

Our Efforts

Learn more about our efforts and partnerships from 2015 up to today.

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Hurricane Relief

Learn more about our impact after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico.

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Our efforts



3 Kings reunion in Washington, DC and renovation of the Museo de Arte de Ponce

Home to Sir Frederic Leighton’s iconic painting “Flaming June.” Friends of Puerto Rico hosted a fundraising reception for the Ponce Museum of Art to commemorate the reunion of the three paintings of the Three Magi by the Flemish master, Peter Paul Rubens. The famous artwork of King Gaspar travelled from the Museum of Art in Ponce to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC for a special exhibition that took place from March 17–July 5, 2015. Until this time, the three paintings had not been exhibited together for over a century. To celebrate this historic event, a reception was hosted at Washington, DC’s Burberry store to give national recognition to the Museo de Arte de Ponce. The reception raised $20,000 for the museum renovations and provided access to low-income children from “el “barrio”, La Cantera in Ponce.

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Skills & Education

Sponsored eight students to gains skills and attend college from vulnerable communities of the northeast of Puerto Rico.

The foundation helps Puerto Rican youth to overcome social boundaries, fulfilling their potential to achieve excellence at the highest academic levels. Kinesis fuels Puerto Rico’s social and economic transformation through providing college scholarships, bright start college access counseling, and high school counselor college access education.

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An influential network compromised by a global society of women that are Friends of Puerto Rico. "Amigas" stands for: Actionable Motivation for Investment Generating Altruism and Service.

Las “AMIGAS” connect and empowers women in Washington, DC and globally to be the “Angel investors”, a group of high performing women with diverse backgrounds in the US, committed to the development of the next generation of leaders and investors.

With this initiative, Friends of Puerto Rico, wants to drive the conversation within the diaspora and beyond, to ensure our society has the tools that develop and empower women leaders who will in turn, develop the arts, cultural and education exchanges.

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Hurricane Maria Recovery Fund

Friends of Puerto Rico launched the Hurricane Maria Recovery Fund to allow individuals to make donations to help rebuild Puerto Rico after the most devastating storm to hit Puerto Rico in over a century. We partnered with the Boys & Girls Club of Puerto Rico and faith-based organizations to provide aid to special projects and most affected areas.

All funds and supplies go directly to benefit the people of Puerto Rico and will not be used for administrative costs or salaries, nor benefit any private individuals.

To this day, we have sent six humanitarian missions (1,000,000 pounds of life-saving food, water, and medicines) to provide relief to the thousands of families in Puerto Rico and have provided hot meals to the Boys & Girls Club of Puerto Rico, see video here.

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Since 2015, Friends of Puerto Rico’s focus has been in the orange economy: Arts, Education, and Entrepreneurship.
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Investing Locally from Washington, DC

Friends of Puerto Rico is committed to Puerto Ricans on and off the island, including those here in our nation’s capital. In the Washington, D.C. area, Friends of Puerto Rico has organized mentorship programs for Hispanic youth, awarded scholarships to high-achieving low-income students, and provided evacuee recovery support for Puerto Ricans seeking refuge after Hurricane Maria.

Through local organizations demonstrated trailblazing thought leadership and impact within the DC community and in Puerto Rico pre and post Hurricane Maria. As Puerto Rico and the Caribbean rebuilds and recovers, Friends of Puerto Rico is advancing its impact to support the resilience of the Puerto Rican people and communities in Washington DC, Puerto Rico, and across the country.

Since the hurricane, Friends of Puerto Rico has not only worked on the front lines of disaster relief, but has also provided evacuee recovery for the many displaced families relocating in the DC area.

With a strong passion for providing educational opportunities, the organization has provided scholarships to low-income students, as well as mentoring for Hispanic youth living in the DC area.

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